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Pacothane Technologies continues to respond to the changing needs of Industry. Through ongoing Research and Development, new products and process solutions continue to emerge.

These Press Releases reflect a few of Pacothane's recent achievements.


Woburn, Massachusetts - April 9, 2009


Click for video interview with Pacothane founder Martin J. Wilhelm and president Edward Alois.


Las Vegas, Nevada –- The IPC/Apex Meeting ’09 was the site of a milestone celebration by Pacothane Technologies, a Woburn, MA, based company [].  It is the 25th Anniversary of a once, unknown start-up company, founded in 1984, that grew to become the world leader in Lamination Assist Products sold to almost every Printed Circuit Board Shops in the U.S. and in thirty-six other countries. The success of this company would not have been possible without Pacothane’s partnership with a distinguished group of PCB Distributors, the Press, close Friends and loyal and appreciative Customers.

“It is with pride that we look back and think that our cornerstone product in 1984, Pacothane®, grew into a basket of more than a dozen proprietary products which are still sold through our original core Distributors who have been representing our company for all these years. We’ve all grown older and more resourceful together.  It’s all about people! ”, comments Martin J. Wilheim, Founder, CEO and Chairman of Pacothane Technologies. “We probably were amongst the first companies to recognize that Distributors were the best marketing distribution channel available to penetrate the printed circuit board market with value-added products”.

In 1988, the company forged ahead with an expansion of cutting-edge product offerings.  Pacothane Technologies introduced revolutionary Conformal Release Films for the burgeoning Rigid/Flexible Circuit market.  These products helped to improve yields and quality.   Pacothane Plus®, Pacovia®, PACOPADs® and Pressprobe® Pressure Testing Films are brand names of product offerings familiar to world class manufacturers of Printed Circuit Boards worldwide today.  Most recently, the company launched Pacoflex®, a new Flexible/Coverlay, Conformal Release Film.

What makes Pacothane Technologies different from competitors is its vertically integrated Business Model and it’s focus on developing desirable products that are focused on “zero defect” production for its customers.  With regard to the former, Pacothane controls over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space where everything from Paper to Film is produced or converted into formats that suit the requirements of the PCB Industry. With respect to the latter, the Company produces the full complement of products it’s customers’ want and can serve them as a “single, dependable source”.  The original Pacothane Technologies slogan, “Don’t Get Stuck Without Us” is truer now than ever.

Wilheim continues by saying “ We are fortunate to have a committed and highly competent, incentivized staff of employees and Managers, led by Ed Alois, President. It’s easy to be successful if one is a competent, dedicated Team, willing to work hard to give the customer the products he needs now and in the future, at a competitive price, in a prompt fashion, while maintaining personal service and a record of unfaltering performance.”

About Pacothane Technologies

As the most diversified and recognized supplier of Lamination Assist Products sold to producers of PCBs worldwide, our basket of leading-edge PACO Products continues to help customers to simplify and standardize both Flexible and Rigid Circuit Board manufacture and thereby to help reduce "scrap" rates. Pacothane Technologies continuously strives to be the front-running innovator of new products that meet the needs of emerging PCB technologies with an unwavering Goal of maintaining it’s reputation as a “Zero Defect” Supplier.   For more information, visit

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