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Pacothane Technologies continues to respond to the changing needs of Industry. Through ongoing Research and Development, new products and process solutions continue to emerge.

These Press Releases reflect a few of Pacothane's recent achievements.


Woburn, Massachusetts - February 21, 2011
The Ultimate Conformal System For Lamination Of Cover Layers To Flexible PCBs

Woburn, Massachusetts — February 21, 2011 — Pacothane Technologies LLC announces the launch of a new, Conformable Release Film branded as PACOFLEX•ULTRA™. This high-temperature, PCB processing tool brings consistently predictable results to the process of laminating Cover-Layers to Flexible Printed Circuit Boards.

PACOFLEX•ULTRA is an easy-to-handle, two-ply, polymeric structure with “functional” release on the matte, opaque side, and it is positioned adjacent to the circuit. During the lamination cycle, this new conformal is engineered to become soft and pliable in the “Z -Axis” to achieve superior sidewall conformance with the circuitized base laminate.

The glossy, non-releaseable, other side, eliminates the X-Y distortion associated with commodity-grade conformals. This side should be placed adjacent to the PACOPAD® Conformable Driver Sheet employed by the operator to assist in macro pressure equalization. PACOFLEX•ULTRA’s more robust polymeric construction is clean and inert, and does not contain any out-gassing contaminants or solvents harmful to Vacuum Lamination systems. Spent film is also easily disposable.

Martin J. Wilheim, CEO & Chairman of Pacothane Technologies, commented “that PACOFLEX•ULTRA™, has been thoroughly tested in beta sites prior to its introduction into the field and has been proven to control and eliminate reworks or rejections better than other available products. “ULTRA™” dams back acrylic and epoxy adhesives, reducing excessive “squeeze out” or resin flow into Cover-Layer clearance areas; it eliminates crushed pads; prevents air-entrapment between spaces and lines; mitigates high levels of distortion and mis-registration; prevents discoloration; et cetera. Thus, product-users can consistently meet Mil-P 50884 and IPC-6013 Specifications. We consider “ULTRA™” to be the definitive solution to lamination-generated scrap in connection with coverlay lamination.”

Finally, the ideal “PACOFLEX•ULTRA Lay-Up System” should always include a pressure-equalizing PACOPADS® soft-lamination PRESS PAD to achieve incomparable micro and macro “Z-Axis” pressure equalization. These two companion products conform and stabilize the Flexible components to achieve all of the positive attributes of PACOFLEX•ULTRA to help the end user achieve lower costs and increased yields.

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Pacothane Technologies LLC is a Division of Multilayer Worldwide Enterprises LLC, established in 1985. The company is a fully integrated supplier to the Printed Circuit Board Industry. It is generally recognized as the global leader of cutting edge technology related to products that support and assist the PCB lamination process. In addition to PACOFLEX•ULTRA™, Pacothane Technologies’ Line card offers over a dozen other scrap-reducing products.

Pacothane Technologies is headquartered at 37 East Street, Winchester, MA 01890.
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