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Adhesive & Resin Blocking, Conformable Release Film

For Lamination of Coverlays and Flexible Circuits

Pacoflex•Ultra is specifically engineered for the Lamination of Cover-Layers to Flexible Printed Circuit Boards. This product is a robust highly Conformable Release Film which, when exposed to heat and pressure, becomes extremely soft and pliable for superior conformance to intricate flex part topographies. The soft heat-activatable hydraulic center is application-designed to consistently reduce excessive “squeeze-out” and effectively blocks adhesive or resin flow into unwanted areas.


  • Total Elimination of Entrapped Air between the Cover-Layer and the Circuitized Base Laminate.
  • PacoFlex•Ultra delivers discreet hydraulic force to reliably drive the Cover-Layer into complete
    side-wall conformance with the Circuitized Base Laminate.
  • Finite Control of Adhesive Flow.
  • Due to the optimized surface, and superior conformability, PacoFlex•Ultra dams back acrylic and
    epoxy adhesives from flowing into Cover-Layer clearance areas.
  • Quick, Easy, Contaminate-Free Release
  • Two-Ply polymeric structure with “functional” release on the matte opaque side is positioned
    adjacent to the circuit leaving the other shiny side to be easily positioned adjacent to the
    PACOPAD® conformable driver sheet which is easily determined by operator use.
  • Reduces mechanical distortion.
  • PacoFlex•Ultra “locks-in” around the Flexible components to minimize distortion due to Heat
    and Pressure.
  • PacoFlex•Ultra conforms closely to the part surface without excessive flow-out from the
    sheet. Deformed Circuits, Crushed Pads, and Glossy Pressure Spots are eliminated, resulting in
    repeatable Pad Registration due to the engineered z-axis characteristics of the base hydraulic
  • Allows for Reduced Lamination Pressure in some applications.
  • PacoFlex•Ultra , used with PACOPADS® Pressure Diffuser Pads, delivers unmatched Z-axis
    pressure equalization. These two companion products conform and stabilize the Flexible
    components allowing the user to reduce the Hydraulic Force by up to 30%.
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  • One-Side releasable with two-ply polymeric structure for a more robust residue free functionality. Gauge measures .006" (156µ).
  • Engineered Conformance layer that prevents uncontrolled “squeeze-out”.
  • Smooth Surface Finish for superior Adhesive Flow Control.
  • Extremely low X-Y axis movement.
  • Clean, inert with no out-gassing of contaminants or solvents harmful to Vacuum systems.
  • Operating temperature to 425°F/216°C with reduced Ram Pressures.
  • Environmentally friendly with no ozone-depleting Chemicals or Flourines.
  • Suitable for incinerator or landfill.
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PacoFlex·Ultra and PACOPADs® are always available in custom sized sheets tooled to customer
specifications. These products, as well as the complete line of Lamination Enhancement Products listed
below, are available from leading local distributors around the world, who offer “just-in-time” delivery
from locally available stocks.

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