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High Performance Press Pads
For Lamination of Rigid and Flexible Circuits

PACOPADS are a line of press pads specifically engineered to improve the process of laminating rigid multi-layer and flexible Printed Circuit Boards. They serve two primary functions: to accurately Control heat input and to Equalize the pressure applied to the panel surface.


  • Control of Heat Rise
    PACOPADS perform this function with totally predictable and reproducible results due to their uniform fiber distribution and tightly controlled thickness and weight specifications.
  • Equalization of Pressure Throughout the Pressure Load
    Use of PACOPADS eliminates air voids, inner-layer slippage and White corners or edges. PACOPADS also reduce dielectric thickness variations, image and glass cloth transfer, and obviate the potential of low-pressure prepreg blisters.
  • 3-Dimensional Conformance
    PACOPADS eliminate X-Y-Z axis stress which cause Cover-layer voids and circuit distortion. At the same time, PACOPADS improve cavity fill, and adhesive flow control in the manufacture of Flex, Rigid-flex, and Heat Sink Circuit Boards.
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  • Proven worldwide performance since 1986.
  • Operating temperature of 475°F/246°C for six hours.
  • Two standard thicknesses of .035" (.89mm) and .055" (1.4mm) for custom Heat Input Control and optimal Pressure Equalization.
  • Extremely low moisture to reduce liquid buildup in vacuum systems.
  • Uniform fiber formation and distribution for unmatched pressure equalization, micro Z-axis conformance and repeatable, consistent Heat Rise.
  • Low fiber dusting and contamination.
  • No resinous binders or fillers, essentially sulfur free, with no odor or solvents to pollute vacuum systems or the work environment.
  • Environmentally friendly – suitable for re-pulping, land fill disposal or incineration.
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PACOPADS are a unique, cellulosic-based product, engineered specifically to meet the performance requirements of both Rigid Multilayer and Flexible Printed Circuit Board manufacture. PACOPADS are manufactured on a highly specialized paper machine, using virgin fibers, that guarantees a low density profile consistent across the entire area of the sheet.

PACOPADS are vastly superior to commodity grade papers which vary significantly in weight, thickness, hard spots, contaminants, and moisture.

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PACOPADS are always available in custom-sized sheets (with or without tooling holes) for “Just-In-Time” delivery through exclusive local Distributors around the world from locally available stocks.

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