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PacoVia 3000
High Performance, Resin-Blocking, Release Film
Blind via Hole Laminating Film

PACO•VIA 3000 is a two-sided release film designed to be part of a Two-Component System (PACO•VIA 3000 and PACOPADS) as a performance-driven line of High-Temperature, Resin- Blocking Release Films. The PACO•VIA System is specifically engineered to enhance sequential lamination of Buried and Blind Via designed rigid printed Circuit Boards.


  • Resin Containment
    PACO•VIA Resin Blocking Film contains the resin within the via barrel eliminating the need for secondary processing to remove cured resin from the panel surface.
  • Barrel Fill
    PACO•VIA Resin Blocking Film allows the liquid resin to essentially fill the via Barrel.
  • Contain Resin Squeeze-out
    PACO•VIA contains resin squeeze-out like traditional release films while offering superior copper surface buffering from damaged Separator Plates.
  • Equalization of Pressure Throughout the Pressure Load
    The PACOPADS component of the PACO•VIA System ensures complete barrel fill, and controlled Dielectric Thickness. PACOPADS eliminate air voids, inner-layer slippage and white corners or edges. PACOPADS also reduce image and glass cloth Transfer, and alleviate the potential of low-pressure prepreg Blisters. See PACOPADS Product Information Bulletin.
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  • Two engineered Grades to fit all sequential lamination demands.
  • Choice of PACOPADS Pressure Equalizing Press Pads designed to suit all lamination process parameters.
  • Operating temperature of 425°F / 218°C for up to 4 hours.
  • Proven worldwide performance since 1996.
  • Essentially inert, no out-gassing, plate residue, interlaminate adhesion
    influence, no vacuum system contamination.
  • Environmentally friendly: no chrome-depleting chemicals, no Flourines.
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  • The PACO•VIA System is designed to contain the resin flow within Blind Via Holes(onto adjacent copper-carrying layers) and to fill buried Via Barrels, under a wide range of Lamination Pressures (175-350 psi/12-24 kg/cm2), Hole Diameters (.004 to .040"/0.1 to 1.0mm), Heat Rises and Prepreg types.
  • The PACO•VIA System performs effectively well in Hydraulic and Hydraulic Vacuum-assist
    as well as with both stainless steel, and aluminum Separator Plates. Steel is preferred.
  • The PACO•VIA System is suitable for all resin system types when laminated within the listed temperature constraints.
    See Lay-up Product Information.

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The PACO•VIA System components are available in rolls and custom-sized sheet sizes, tooled to customers' specifications.

PACO•VIA, as well as the complete line of Lamination Enhancement Products is available from leading local distributors around the world who offer "just-in-time" delivery from locally available stocks.

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Click here to view a printable version of the PACOVIA Safety Data Sheet.

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