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PacoVia 3200
High Performance, Resin-Blocking, Release Film
Blind via Hole Laminating Film

PACO•VIA 3200 is a two-sided release film designed to be part of a Two-Component System (PACO•VIA 3000 and PACOPADS) as a performance-driven line of High-Temperature, Resin- Blocking Release Films. The PACO•VIA System is specifically engineered to enhance sequential lamination of Buried and Blind Via designed rigid printed Circuit Boards. Pacovia 3200 allows the user to select an alternative release film that may be better suited for less robust post lamination cleaning processes.


  • Resin Containment
    PACO•VIA Resin Blocking Film contains the resin within the via barrel eliminating the need for secondary processing to remove cured resin from the panel surface.
  • Barrel Fill
    PACO•VIA Resin Blocking Film allows the liquid resin to essentially fill the via Barrel.
  • Contain Resin Squeeze-out
    PACO•VIA contains resin squeeze-out like traditional release films while offering superior copper surface buffering from damaged Separator Plates.
  • Equalization of Pressure Throughout the Pressure Load
    The PACOPADS component of the PACO•VIA System ensures complete barrel fill, and controlled Dielectric Thickness. PACOPADS eliminate air voids, inner-layer slippage and white corners or edges. PACOPADS also reduce image and glass cloth Transfer, and alleviate the potential of low-pressure prepreg Blisters. See PACOPADS Product Information Bulletin.
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  • Two engineered Grades to fit all sequential lamination demands.
  • Choice of PACOPADS Pressure Equalizing Press Pads designed to suit all lamination process parameters.
  • Operating temperature of 425°F / 218°C for up to 4 hours.
  • Proven worldwide performance since 1996.
  • Essentially inert, no out-gassing, plate residue, interlaminate adhesion
    influence, no vacuum system contamination.
  • Environmentally friendly: no chrome-depleting chemicals, no Flourines.
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  • The PACO•VIA System is designed to contain the resin flow within Blind Via Holes(onto adjacent copper-carrying layers) and to fill buried Via Barrels, under a wide range of Lamination Pressures (175-350 psi/12-24 kg/cm2), Hole Diameters (.004 to .040"/0.1 to 1.0mm), Heat Rises and Prepreg types.
  • The PACO•VIA System performs effectively well in Hydraulic and Hydraulic Vacuum-assist
    as well as with both stainless steel, and aluminum Separator Plates. Steel is preferred.
  • The PACO•VIA System is suitable for all resin system types when laminated within the listed temperature constraints.
    See Lay-up Product Information.

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The PACO•VIA System components are available in rolls and custom-sized sheet sizes, tooled to customers' specifications.

PACO•VIA, as well as the complete line of Lamination Enhancement Products is available from leading local distributors around the world who offer "just-in-time" delivery from locally available stocks.

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Click here to view a printable version of the PACOVIA Safety Data Sheet.

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