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Pacothane Technologies is pleased to announce a new relationship with ECAP - Now the exclusive distributor for Pacothane Proucts in China and Taiwan. We are excited to enter into this relationship with a great distributor to supply our world class product line. For questions, please contact Ch Lau at

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PACOFLEX™ ULTRA is the ultimate conformable release film for scrap-free applications for the lamination of cover layers and flexible circuits. It is fine-tuned to reduce excessive "squeeze-out" of adhesive into pad areas and will also effectively block adhesive or resin flow into any other unwanted areas.

When exposed to heat and pressure, PACOFLEX™ ULTRA softens into the PACOPAD® and together they become dynamic "Z-axis conformable drivers" which provide superior sidewall conformance with the circuitized base laminate and other intricate flex part topographies.

PACOFLEX™ ULTRA is a two-ply polymeric structure, engineered to a 0.006" (156µ) thickness. The conformable, quick and easy releasable, "functional" side of the product [see Figure 1] has a matte appearance and is opaque and should be placed adjacent to the Circuit. The other side, which is placed against a PACOPAD® conformable driver sheet, is easily distinguishable from its opposite side because it is glossy and non-releasable.

PACOFLEX™ ULTRA used together with PACOPADS™ Pressure Diffuser Pads, delivers unmatched Z-Axis pressure equalization. These two companion products provide simultaneous micro & macro conformance and stabilize all the flexible components permitting reductions in Hydraulic force by ≥ 30%. PACOPADS™ compensate for uneven internal press pressure imposed upon the work.

PACOFLEX™ ULTRA Functional Side of Product and Specification Drawing


  • Elimination of Entrapped Air Between Cover-Layer and Circuitized Base: PACOFLEX™ ULTRA delivers discreet hydraulic force to reliably drive the Cover-Layer into complete sidewall conformance with the circuitized base laminate
  • Finite Control of Adhesive Flow: Due to the optimized, robust smooth surface and superior conformability, PACOFLEX™ ULTRA dams back acrylic and epoxy adhesives from flowing into Cover-Layer clearance areas
  • Quick, Easy, Contaminate-Free Release: The opaque, non-contaminating, releasable side of PACOFLEX™ ULTRA is placed adjacent to the surface of the Cover Layer Circuit; leaving the glossy side to be positioned adjacent to the PACOPADS™ side in the make-up. This combination offers maximum "Z-Axis" pressure equalization and a more robust conformable make-up system
  • Reduces Mechanical Distortion and Defects: PACOFLEX™ ULTRA "locks-in" around the flexible components to minimize distortion due to Heat and Pressure. Our "ULTRA" Film conforms closely to the part's surface without excessive flow-out from the sheet. Because of the reduced pressure regime possible with our conformable "system", Deformed Circuits, Crushed Pads, and Glossy Pressure Spots are eliminated, resulting in repeatable Pad Registration


  • "Matte" side releasable! No out-gassing or contaminant transfer that will affect solder adhesion
  • Engineered conformance layer that prevents uncontrolled "squeeze-out" and meets Mil and IPC Specs
  • "Ultra smooth" surface finish for superior adhesive flow control
  • Extremely low X-Y axis movement
  • Clean, inert with no out-gassing of contaminants or solvents harmful to vacuum systems
  • Operating temperature to 420°F (216°C) with reduced ram pressures
  • Environmentally friendly with no ozone-depleting chemicals or flourines. Suitable for incinerator or landfill disposal!
  • Proven line of Pacothane® products sold worldwide since 1985


Recommended Lamination Layup for PACOFLEX™ ULTRA


PACOFLEX™ ULTRA is available in custom-made sheet sizes, tooled to customer specifications. The complete line of Pacothane Technologies products is available from leading local Distributors Worldwide who offers "Just in Time" delivery from locally-available stocks.


Click here for this product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

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